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Private Pilot Certificate



Aquire the knowledge and experience needed to become Pilot In Command(PIC)

Course Content

  • 40 Flight Hours

  • 30 Flight Hours with a Flight Instructor

  • Books and Curriculum (ex: FARAIM, foggles, training supplement, logbbook, etc)

  • King’s Ground School Test Prep for Written Test

  • Group Ground Classes

  • One-on-one Ground Instruction


(If you are missing any prerequisites call us at  and we can help you find what you need.)

  • Valid FAA Medical Certificate - We recommend Dr. Griffin in Roanoke, you will need a First Class Medical.

  • Government Issued Photo ID

  • Non-owners Rental Insurance - This is required to fly solo and transfers to any plane you fly. We require $30k for Damage Liability and recommend Aviation Insurance Experts. This is to your benefit as well as ours. The cost for this level of coverage is about $370 per year.

Why  Aviation?

We are a community of pilots who simply love to fly and share what we’ve learned with others who are passionate about flying! Our team is made up of airline pilots and skilled instructors who each bring a wealth of knowledge to our school.

From our engaging Ground School to our community events, everything we do is towards one goal; to be the best flight school in DFW by giving the most value to each individual student.

Your success is our success and we pride ourselves in the care and personal attention we are able to give each student. Becoming a pilot can be an intimidating adventure, but we can help you get there!

We do not pay the fees due to the examiner, however we do schedule your check rides for you.

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